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Breakdance : The Movie (DVD)

The Breakdance Classic - featuring Ice-T. Available for the first time in Widescreen

Breakdance : The Movie (DVD) - Breakdance-The-Movie-01.jpg
Breakdance : The Movie (DVD) - Breakdance-The-Movie-01.jpg Breakdance : The Movie (DVD) - Breakdance-The-Movie-02.jpg Breakdance : The Movie (DVD) - Breakdance-The-Movie-03.jpg
  • Starring
    Lucinda Dickey; Adolfo Quinones; Michael Chambers; Ben Lokey; Christopher McDonald

  • Director(s)
    Joel Silberg

Pop culture was never the same after Breakdance (aka Breakin') erupted onto movie screens across the globe in 1984. Exposing the mainstream world to the raw energy and intensity of pop-locking and breakdancing, the film showcased the talents of the dance movement's top superstars, as well as featuring a special appearance by rap icon Ice-T.

A struggling trio of dancers take on a rival gang in a battle to determine the best dance crew in the streets. Featuring one unforgettable dance sequence after another, including Boogaloo Shrimp's legendary street-sweeping scene, Breakdance paved the way for countless urban hip-hop films to come.

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