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Burnt By The Sun (DVD)

Oscar Winner Best Film in Foreign Language Grand Prize of the Jury Cannes Film Festival

Burnt By The Sun (DVD) - Burnt-By-The-Sun-02.jpg
Burnt By The Sun (DVD) - Burnt-By-The-Sun-02.jpg Burnt By The Sun (DVD) - Burnt-By-The-Sun-04.jpg Burnt By The Sun (DVD) - Burnt-By-The-Sun-01.jpg Burnt By The Sun (DVD) - Burnt-By-The-Sun-03.jpg
  • Starring
    Nadia Mikhalkov; Ingeborga Dapkunaite; Oleg Menshikov; Vladimir Ilyin

  • Director(s)
    Nikita Mikhalkov

"The superb ensemble acting and powerful imagery will linger in the mind" Empire
"A major film" Variety

A film by Nikita Mikhalkov

It's 1936, and respected hero of the Bolshevik Revolution Colonel Sergei Kotov, is living an idyllic life in the Russian countryside with his wife Maroussia and daughter Nadia. One glorious summer's day his serenity is interrupted by the arrival of the mysterious Dimitri, a former lover of Maroussia who had disappeared from her life ten years earlier. With songs and stories their new guest charms everyone but Kotov soon begins to suspect more sinister motives for his re-appearance.

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