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Carmen (Blu-ray)

Placido Domingo stars in this critically-acclaimed adaptation of Bizet's Opera. Restored Edition.

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Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-03.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-01.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-02.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-05.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-07.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-04.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-09.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-06.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-08.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-12.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-11.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-10.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-15.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-14.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-13.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-16.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-19.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-17.jpg Carmen (Blu-ray) - Carmen-18.jpg
  • Starring
    Julia Migenes; Placido Domingo; Ruggero Raimondi; Faith Esham; François Le Roux

  • Director(s)
    Francesco Rosi


The Restored Edition

In Seville of 1820, the naive soldier Don Joséfalls under the spell of sensual temptress Carmen. He deserts from the army, gives up everything to be with her, only to be spurned in favour of the toreador Escamillo. His desperate pleas for her to return are met with further humiliation, and Carmen's taunts lead to a dramatic finale.

Features & Extras

  • Carmen, A Shooting Diary - A documentary by Dominique Maillet featuring interviews with Francesco Rosi, Julia Migenes, Ruggero Raimondi, Janine Reiss and Patrice Ledoux.
  • A Propos de Carmen - On the set of the film

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