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Colors (Blu-ray)

Dennis Hopper directs and Sean Penn stars in this gritty Cop drama

Colors (Blu-ray) - Colors-03.jpg
Colors (Blu-ray) - Colors-03.jpg Colors (Blu-ray) - Colors-01.jpg Colors (Blu-ray) - Colors-02.jpg
  • Starring
    Sean Penn; Robert Duvall; Maria Conchita Alonso

  • Director(s)
    Dennis Hopper

In this gritty police drama from director Dennis Hopper, street-wise cop Bob Hodges and hotheaded rookie Danny McGavin grapple with their new partnership on the gang-ridden streets of Los Angeles. Although Danny finally lets Hodges show him the ropes, his adrenaline-fed brutality earns him a reputation with the very gangs they want to help as a war on the streets is ready to explode.

Features & Extras

  • A Cry Of Alarm - An Interview With Screenwriter Michael Schiffer
  • Cops & Robbers - An Interview With Technical Advisor/Ex-LAPD Gang Division Dennis Fanning

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