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Cyrano De Bergerac (DVD)

A dazzling masterpiece, Cyrano de Bergerac was showered with awards including five Oscar nominations, and became one of the most successful French films ever made.

Cyrano De Bergerac (DVD) - Cyrano-De-Bergerac-01.jpg
Cyrano De Bergerac (DVD) - Cyrano-De-Bergerac-01.jpg Cyrano De Bergerac (DVD) - Cyrano-De-Bergerac-03.jpg Cyrano De Bergerac (DVD) - Cyrano-De-Bergerac-04.jpg Cyrano De Bergerac (DVD) - Cyrano-De-Bergerac-02.jpg
  • Starring
    Gérard Depardieu; Anne Brochet; Roland Bertin; Vincent Perez; Jacques Weber

  • Director(s)
    Jean-Paul Rappeneau

"A cinematic triumph" The Observer
"The greatest love story ever told" Empire
"A magnificent film" The Hollywood Reporter

Cyrano's legendary skill with a blade is matched only by his skill with words, and yet he is tormented by an oversized nose which prevents him from declaring his love for the beautiful Roxane. When another suitor, the dashing but shallow Christian enlists his aid and poetic flair to woo her, Cyrano seizes the chance to finally express his feelings, even if it has to be through another.

With an Oscar nominated performance by Gérard Depardieu in his greatest ever role, Cyrano de Bergerac is a magnificent swashbuckling epic that will melt the heart.

Features & Extras

  • Interview with screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière
  • Interview with Gérard Depardieu
  • Jean-Paul Rappeneau discusses the influence of the 1923 version

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