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Electric Dreams Blu-ray

Sparks are about to fly in this 80s classic about a boy, a girl and a computer

Electric Dreams Blu-ray - ElectricDreams1.jpg
Electric Dreams Blu-ray - ElectricDreams1.jpg Electric Dreams Blu-ray - ElectricDreams2.jpg Electric Dreams Blu-ray - ElectricDreams3.jpg Electric Dreams Blu-ray - ElectricDreams4.jpg Electric Dreams Blu-ray - ElectricDreams5.jpg
  • Starring
    Lenny von Dohlen, Virginia Madsen, Maxwell Caulfield, Bud Cort

  • Director(s)
    Steve Barron

Miles is helpless, hopeless and about to blow a fuse. He has a problem. His computer, Edgar, has decided to wreck his life. He’s ruined his credit rating, run up his phone bill, cancelled his plane reservations, locked him out of his house and now he’s trying to steal his girlfriend. Meet Madeline…she’s blonde, brilliant and sparks are about to fly!



Features & Extras

     ·         New restoration


·         ‘Is This A Story?’ - new interview with director Steve Barron


·         ‘Electric Dreaming’ -  new Interview with writer / co-producer Rusty Lemorande


·         ‘Miles And Madeline’ - new interviews with stars Lenny von Dohlen and Virginia Madsen


·         New SDH subtitles for the hearing impaired




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