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Gregory's Girl (Blu-ray)

A regular entry in any list of the greatest British films, Bill Forsyth's Gregory's Girl is one of the nation's most affectionately held comedies and a true timeless classic.

Gregory's Girl (Blu-ray) - Gregorys-Girl-02.jpg
Gregory's Girl (Blu-ray) - Gregorys-Girl-02.jpg Gregory's Girl (Blu-ray) - Gregorys-Girl-01.jpg Gregory's Girl (Blu-ray) - Gregorys-Girl-03.jpg
  • Starring
    John Gordon-Sinclair, Dee Hepburn, Claire Grogan

  • Director(s)
    Bill Forsyth

Aldo available on DVD and available as Download and On Demand from all major platfoms (eg;  iTunes, Amazon, Sony, Google, etc) 

Gawky teenager Gregory loses his place as striker in the school's shambolic football team but soon finds comfort with the arrival of new star signing Dorothy. "She's ab-sol-ute-ly gorgeous", he pines to his equally girl-obsessed mates. He sets out to win her heart but when he finally gets his dream date there's a surprise in store for Gregory.

Features & Extras

• Audio Commentary with Bill Forsyth and Mark Kermode
• Bill Forsyth - The Early Years; An interview with the Director
• Gregory's Girl Memories; An interview with Clare Grogan
• Alternative U.S. Audio Soundtrack
• Includes Subtitles For Hard Of Hearing


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