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Jubilee (DVD)

Jubilee is a unique experience; the essence of punk captured on film by one of cinema's greatest visionaries.

Jubilee (DVD) - Jubilee-02.jpg
Jubilee (DVD) - Jubilee-02.jpg Jubilee (DVD) - Jubilee-04.jpg Jubilee (DVD) - Jubilee-01.jpg Jubilee (DVD) - Jubilee-03.jpg
  • Starring
    Jack Birkett; Nell Campbell; Ian Charleson; Hermine Demoriane; Karl Johnson, Toyah Wilcox, Jordan

  • Director(s)
    Derek Jarman

A film by Derek Jarman

'Britains' first official punk movie' Time Out

Music by Adam and The Ants, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Brian Eno, Wayne County and The Electric Chairs, Chelsea, Amilcar, Maneaters and Suzi Pinns

Derek Jarman's Jubilee is the original punk film and the one closest to the movement's anti-establishment, "no-future" attitude.

The story sees Queen Elizabeth I, transported by the angel Ariel, to a bleak England of the future where chaos now reigns. Buckingham Palace has been purchased by a megalomaniac who has transformed it into a recording studio for punk musicians. A group of punk girls pass the time with acts of mindless violence, sex and the occasional murder. Anarchy rules in the UK.

Features & Extras

  • Face to Face - Derek Jarman in conversation with Jeremy Isaacs.

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