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Juice (DVD)

Rap legend Tupac Shakur stars in this cult gangster thriller

Juice (DVD) - Juice-02.jpg
Juice (DVD) - Juice-02.jpg Juice (DVD) - Juice-03.jpg Juice (DVD) - Juice-01.jpg
  • Starring
    Omar Epps; Tupac Shakur; Jermaine Huggy Hopkins; Khalil Kain; Cindy Herron

  • Director(s)
    Ernest R. Dickerson

A film by Ernest R. Dickerson

"Superb. Hip-hop cinema is born with the release of Ernest Dickerson's Juice" The Guardian

A tale of four friends determined to make some money on the harsh streets of Harlem, and featuring an outstanding soundtrack by hip-hop heroes Eric B and Rakim, Cypress Hill, EPMD, Big Daddy Kane and many more.

Bishop, Q, Raheem and Steel are from the hood, they're drifting through life spending their days cutting school, fighting and shoplifting for fun. Q dreams of becoming a DJ but Bishop has other ideas. He buys a gun and is soon making plans for his crew to rob the local store. But things don't go to plan and their lives are changed forever.

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