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La Ronde (DVD)

Featuring some of the greatest names in French cinema, Max Ophuls' wonderful adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler's play was honoured with a BAFTA for "Best Film" as well as Oscar nominations.

La Ronde (DVD) - La-Ronde-01.jpg
La Ronde (DVD) - La-Ronde-01.jpg La Ronde (DVD) - La-Ronde-03.jpg La Ronde (DVD) - La-Ronde-02.jpg
  • Starring
    Anton Walbrook; Simone Signoret; Serge Reggiani; Simone Simon; Daniel Gélin

  • Director(s)
    Max Ophuls

The MAX OPHULS Collection


Anton Walbrook is the enigmatic, omnipotent master of ceremonies guiding us through a series of amorous encounters in the Vienna of 1900. One fleeting moment links to the next, partners change and the dance goes on, turning like the waltz and the carousel until the final vignette brings the story full circle. 

Max Ophuls is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most revered directors in the history of cinema. His trademark array of lavish, fluid camera movements would influence generations of filmmakers to come. Among the many who have praised his genius are François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, Martin Scorsese, Stanley Kubrick (who believed "his camera could pass through walls") and more recently directors such as Todd Haynes and Paul Thomas Anderson who called him his "idol".

Features & Extras

  • "Circles of Desire" Alan Williams on Max Ophuls" La Ronde
  • Commentary by Susan White, author of "The Cinema of Max Ophuls"
  • Photo gallery

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