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Lord Of The Flies (DVD)

Peter Brook's highly acclaimed and shocking adaptation of the William Golding classic.

Lord Of The Flies (DVD) - Lord-of-The-Flies-01.jpg
Lord Of The Flies (DVD) - Lord-of-The-Flies-01.jpg Lord Of The Flies (DVD) - Lord-of-The-Flies-02.jpg Lord Of The Flies (DVD) - Lord-of-The-Flies-03.jpg
  • Starring
    James Aubrey; Hugh Edwards; Roger Elwin; Tom Gaman; Roger Allan

  • Director(s)
    Peter Brook

"Immensely powerful"
"Amazing" Sunday Express

Following a plane crash, a group of schoolboys find themselves on a deserted island. They appoint a leader and attempt to create an organised society for the sake of their survival. Democracy and order soon begin to crumble when a breakaway faction forms and quickly regresses to brutal savagery with horrifying consequences.

Peter Brook's classic adaptation of William Golding's novel has lost none of the impact it made when given an "X" certificate on its 1963 release. Shot with a raw style, the film has a chilling air of realism and still retains the power to shock.

Features & Extras

  • Commentary by Director Peter Brook, Producer Lewis Allen, Director of Photography Tom Hollyman, and Cameraman/Editor Gerald Feil

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