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No Surrender (DVD)

From the writer of Boys From the Blackstuff, a black comedy starring Michael Angelis, Bernard Hill and Joanne Whalley.

No Surrender (DVD) - No-Surrender-01.jpg
No Surrender (DVD) - No-Surrender-01.jpg No Surrender (DVD) - No-Surrender-02.jpg No Surrender (DVD) - No-Surrender-03.jpg No Surrender (DVD) - No-Surrender-04.jpg No Surrender (DVD) - No-Surrender-05.jpg
  • Starring
    Michael Angelis, Bernard Hill, Joanne Whalley, Ray McAnnally

  • Director(s)
    Peter Smith



It's New Year's Eve at The Charleston, a run-down club in Liverpool owned by the local gangland boss. The new manager has arrived and soon discovers his out of favour predecessor has booked a band that can't play, a magician with a dead rabbit and two parties of rowdy OAPs. On one coach, a devout Catholic social club in fancy dress for a non-existent prize - among them a drunken blind ex-boxer. On the other, an equally boisterous gathering of Protestant revellers. When they get together mayhem ensues.

One of the great British comedies of the 80's written by the creator of Boys From The Blackstuff, Alan Bleasdale.

Features & Extras

  • "Making No Surrender"  - Interviews with producer Mamoun Hassan and director Peter Smith

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