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Pandora's Box (DVD)

Full Length Restored Version Special Edition, starring the iconic Louise Brooks.

Pandora's Box (DVD) - Pandoras-Box-04.jpg
Pandora's Box (DVD) - Pandoras-Box-04.jpg Pandora's Box (DVD) - Pandoras-Box-02.jpg Pandora's Box (DVD) - Pandoras-Box-03.jpg
  • Starring
    Louise Brooks; Fritz Kortner; Francis Lederer; Carl Goetz; Krafft-Raschig

  • Director(s)
    Georg Wilhelm Pabst

Pandora's Box, the silent classic that caused a scandal on its 1929 release, stars Louise Brooks in the most memorable role of her career.

Lulu is a high class prostitute whose incredible beauty and passion for life leaves a trail of broken admirers in her wake. She effortlessly gets what she wants as she discards one lover for the next but events soon begin to spiral out of her control. In Pandora's Box Louise Brooks gives her most captivating and erotically charged performance and displays a smouldering screen presence that has never been equalled.

This is the restored and uncut version which has undergone further restoration work specially commissioned by Second Sight and is available for the first time.

Features & Extras

  • "LOOKING FOR LULU" - Narrated by Shirley MacLaine. This critically acclaimed documentary features rare film footage and photographs, interviews with friends, relatives and acting colleagues, as well as a fascinating interview with Brooks herself recorded in 1976. "Looking for Lulu" is a unique insight into one of the silver screen"s greatest legends.

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