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Scanners (DVD)

David Cronenberg's Scanners is one of cinema's great horror films and features one of the genres most iconic moments.

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Scanners (DVD) - Scanners-07.jpg Scanners (DVD) - Scanners-01.jpg Scanners (DVD) - Scanners-02.jpg Scanners (DVD) - Scanners-06.jpg Scanners (DVD) - Scanners-03.jpg Scanners (DVD) - Scanners-08.jpg Scanners (DVD) - Scanners-09.jpg Scanners (DVD) - Scanners-05.jpg Scanners (DVD) - Scanners-04.jpg
  • Starring
    Jennifer O'Neill; Stephen Lack; Patrick McGoohan; Lawrence Dane; Michael Ironside

  • Director(s)
    David Cronenberg

On DVD also on BLURAY STEELBOOK and available as Download and On Demand from all major platfoms (eg;  iTunes, Amazon, Sony, Google, etc) 


Their thoughts can kill!

Drifter Cameron Vale is plagued by incessant voices in his head unaware that he is a Scanner, a group of people with extraordinary powers who can not only read minds but literally tear them apart. He is discovered by a scientist aiming to help his kind adapt to society. However an underground movement of Scanners led by the psychotic Darryl Revok have other intentions and the ultimate confrontation of minds awaits.

Features & Extras


  • My Art Keeps Me Sane - Interview with Star Stephen Lack
  • The Eye Of Scanners - Interview with Cinematographer Mark Irwin
  •  The Chaos of Scanners - Interview with Executive Producer Pierre David
  •  Exploding Brains & Popping Veins - Interview with Makeup Effects Artist Stephan Dupuis
  •  Bad Guy Dane - Interview with Actor Lawrence Dane



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