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South Central (DVD)

Based on the novel Crips, a story of gang warfare in South Central LA.

South Central (DVD) - South-Central-01.jpg
South Central (DVD) - South-Central-01.jpg South Central (DVD) - South-Central-02.jpg South Central (DVD) - South-Central-04.jpg South Central (DVD) - South-Central-03.jpg
  • Starring
    Carl Lumbly; Glenn Plummer; Byron Minns; Lexie Bigham; Vincent Craig Dupree

  • Director(s)
    Steve Anderson; Steven E. Anderson

In South Central Los Angeles, gang warfare is rife, this is the way of life and it's hard to break away from the constant battle.

Bobby lives in a perpetual cycle of violence and incarceration. Recently freed from jail he returns to the only life he knows, back to the Deuces gang, where his best friend Ray Ray is now leader. He learns that his girlfriend, Carole, has given birth to their son but is pressured by Ray Ray into murder and is hauled back to prison. This time he returns a changed man and is determined to save his son from the doomed life of a gang member.

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