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Southern Comfort (Blu-ray)

From Walter Hill, legendary director of The Warriors and The Long Riders, comes this gripping cult classic.

Southern Comfort (Blu-ray) - Southern-Comfort-01.jpg
Southern Comfort (Blu-ray) - Southern-Comfort-01.jpg Southern Comfort (Blu-ray) - Southern-Comfort-02.jpg Southern Comfort (Blu-ray) - Southern-Comfort-03.jpg Southern Comfort (Blu-ray) - Southern-Comfort-04.jpg Southern Comfort (Blu-ray) - Southern-Comfort-05.jpg Southern Comfort (Blu-ray) - Southern-Comfort-08.jpg Southern Comfort (Blu-ray) - Southern-Comfort-07.jpg Southern Comfort (Blu-ray) - Southern-Comfort-06.jpg
  • Starring
    Powers Boothe; Keith Carradine; T.K. Carter; Peter Coyote; Franklyn Seales

  • Director(s)
    Walter Hill

It's the land of hospitality - unless you don't belong there


A routine training exercise in the Louisiana bayou becomes an all too real war of attrition when a unit of brash National Guardsmen unwittingly upset a group of local Cajun hunters. Lost in unknown territory and armed with little more than blank ammo, the weekend soldiers face a terrifying battle for survival against an unforgiving enemy hidden deep in the heart of the swampland.

Features & Extras

  • WILL HE LIVE OR WILL HE DIE (45 mins) Director Walter Hill discusses Southern Comfort.

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