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State of Grace (Blu-ray)

One of the best New York Gangster movies of all time, starring Ed Harris, Sean Penn and Gary Oldman

State of Grace (Blu-ray) - State-Of-Grace-03.jpg
State of Grace (Blu-ray) - State-Of-Grace-03.jpg State of Grace (Blu-ray) - State-Of-Grace-02.jpg State of Grace (Blu-ray) - State-Of-Grace-01.jpg State of Grace (Blu-ray) - State-Of-Grace-08.jpg State of Grace (Blu-ray) - State-Of-Grace-09.jpg State of Grace (Blu-ray) - State-Of-Grace-06.jpg State of Grace (Blu-ray) - State-Of-Grace-04.jpg State of Grace (Blu-ray) - State-Of-Grace-07.jpg State of Grace (Blu-ray) - State-Of-Grace-11.jpg State of Grace (Blu-ray) - State-Of-Grace-10.jpg State of Grace (Blu-ray) - State-Of-Grace-05.jpg
  • Starring
    Sean Penn; Ed Harris; Gary Oldman; Robin Wright; John Turturro

  • Director(s)
    Phil Joanou

Gone for a decade, Terry Noonan is welcomed back into the fold in his Irish-American neighbourhood in New York City. A one-time street tough, Terry is now an undercover officer targeting crime boss Frankie Flannery. As he rekindles old friendships and begins to move in loyalties are questioned and the violence escalates.

Features & Extras

  • Directing A Bunch Of Gangsters - Making State of Grace
  • Ed Harris on State of Grace

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