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The Wicked Lady DVD

Faye Dunaway stars in Michael Winner's infamous re-telling of a Hollywood Classic

The Wicked Lady DVD - WickedLadySS1.jpg
The Wicked Lady DVD - WickedLadySS1.jpg The Wicked Lady DVD - WickedLadySS2.jpg The Wicked Lady DVD - WickedLadySS3.jpg The Wicked Lady DVD - WickedLadySS4.jpg The Wicked Lady DVD - WickedLadySS5.jpg
  • Starring
    Faye Dunaway, Alan Bates, John Gielgud

  • Director(s)
    Michael Winner

Despite her wealth and position married to Sir Ralph Skelton, Lady Barbara finds life very dull and is desperate for excitement and danger. She finds all she needs in the arms of infamous highwayman Jerry Jackson and slips away from the house each evening to join him in his life of crime. But how long before her perilous nighttime escapades are found out?

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