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Time Regained (DVD)

Catherine Denueuve, Emmanuelle Béart and John Malchovich star in this Palm D'Or nominated adaptation of Proust's novel

Time Regained (DVD) - Time-Regained-02.jpg
Time Regained (DVD) - Time-Regained-02.jpg Time Regained (DVD) - Time-Regained-01.jpg
  • Starring
    Catherine Deneuve; Emmanuelle Béart; John Malkovich; Vincent Perez; Marcello Mazzarella

  • Director(s)
    Raoul Ruiz

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"intelligent, elegant, exhilarating" The Observer

"a great work...a cine-literary miracle" Alexander Walker, Evening Standard

"a remarkable piece of cinema" The Guardian

Many filmmakers have attempted to bring Marcel Proust's monumental novel Remembrance of Things Past to the screen and failed. With the Palm D'Or nominated Time Regained, based largely on the final volume, Chilean director Raoul Ruiz accomplished the seemingly impossible, a highly successful adaptation which captured the essence of the work as never before.

Opening with Proust dictating his memoirs as he lies on his deathbed, fragments of his life are recalled and presented with dreamlike complexity. Against a backdrop of lavish French high society in the early 20th century, the author recalls past loves, hopes, successes and failures, reality merging with fiction as memories are awakened.

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