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Warlock (DVD)

He's come from the past... to destroy the future. Richard E Grant stars in this iconic supernatural horror

Warlock (DVD) - Warlock-05.jpg
Warlock (DVD) - Warlock-05.jpg Warlock (DVD) - Warlock-02.jpg
  • Starring
    Julian Sands; Lori Singer; Richard E. Grant; Mary Woronov; Kevin O'Brien

  • Director(s)
    Steve Miner

"A kind of necromantic Highlander with superior special effects that's both bewitching and absorbing" Radio Times

A sinister 17th century warlock summons satanic intervention to escape a death sentence and finds himself transported 300 years into the future. Arriving in modern-day Los Angeles his quest is to find the scattered remains of a satanic bible, containing the true name of god and with it the power to destroy mankind. He has not been transported alone however and in steadfast pursuit is the witch-finder who brought him to trial and must now hunt him down once more.

Julian Sands and Richard E. Grant give superbly matched performances as the enigmatic, battling adversaries in this classic supernatural horror.

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