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The Ninth Configuration on Blu-ray for the first time

Posted on 12 Feb 2016 in Blu-ray, ninth configuration.

From the author of The Exorcist comes one of cinema’s most unique and extraordinary films, now hailed as a cult classic, makes it to Blu-ray and DVD on 25th April




Army psychiatrist Colonel Kane is posted to a secluded gothic castle housing a military asylum. With a reserved calm he indulges the inmates’ delusions, allowing them free rein to express their fantasies. But some are wary of the newcomer and his methods. There may be more to Kane than meets the eye and the insanity escalates towards an explosive revelation.

                 BONUS FEATURES: 

-              Audio Commentary by Writer / Director William Peter Blatty

 -              'Killer Kane' featurette - brand new interviews with writer / director / producer William Peter Blatty,

                actors Stacy Keach, Tom Atkins and Stephen Powers, composer Barry De Vorzon, production

                designer William Malley and art director J. Dennis Washington.

 -              Mark Kermode introduction

 -              Deleted Scenes and Outtakes

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