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The Colour of Pomegranates Limited Edition Box Set

Posted on 30 Nov 2017 in Box Set, Limited Edition, Armenan Cinema

Full spec and release date confirmed for long awaited COLOUR OF POMEGRANATES BOX

The Colour of Pomegranates Limited Edition Box Set will be released on 29th January 2018.  Limited to 3,000 units, we are excited to confirm the full spec and contents of the 112-page book.

 Disc 1

Martin Scorsese's The Film Foundation restoration of the Armenian version ('The Parajanov Cut')

The Russian version ('The Yutkevich Cut') prepared using The Film Foundation's restored material

Optional annotated commentary on the 'Armenian Cut' by James Steffen, author of 'The Cinema of Sergei Parajanov' and advisor on the new restoration

Optional audio commentary on the 'Yutkevich Cut' by Levon Abrahamyan

Disc 2

New 2K restoration of Sergei Parajanov's short film 'Kiev Frescoes' with optional annotated commentary by Daniel Bird

'Poetry, Pomegranates and Parajanov: A new appreciation' by Daniel Bird

'Pomegranates Rediscovered': Cecilia Cenciarelli of Bologna Cineteca on the multi-national effort to save 'The Colour of Pomegranates'

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