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Moondial (DVD)

All six episodes of the much-loved BBC Children's Classic

Moondial (DVD) - Moondial-02.jpg
Moondial (DVD) - Moondial-02.jpg Moondial (DVD) - Moondial-04.jpg Moondial (DVD) - Moondial-03.jpg Moondial (DVD) - Moondial-01.jpg
  • Starring
    Siri Neal, Tony Sands, Valerie Lush, Arthur Hewlitt, Martin Sadler

  • Director(s)
    Colin Cant

When 13-year-old Minty goes to stay with her Aunt Mary she discovers a magical secret within the grounds of the local old mansion. When nighttime comes and the light of the moon falls on a sundial, Minty is transported back in time where she discovers two children at the mercy of evil forces.

Complete unedited 6 part series

Features & Extras

  • Interview with director Colin Cant and actor Siri Neal
  • First and last episode commentaries with Colin Cant and Siri Neal
  • English Subtitles for the hard of hearing

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