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The Cazalets (DVD)

Starring Hugh Bonneville - the complete BBC Series on a 2 Disc Set

The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-10.jpg
The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-10.jpg The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-14.jpg The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-16.jpg The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-11.jpg The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-01.jpg The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-12.jpg The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-17.jpg The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-15.jpg The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-13.jpg The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-03.jpg The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-04.jpg The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-02.jpg The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-07.jpg The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-06.jpg The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-05.jpg The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-09.jpg The Cazalets (DVD) - The-Cazelets-08.jpg
  • Starring
    Hugh Bonneville, Anna Chancellor, Stephen Dillane

  • Director(s)
    Suri Krishnamma

Based on the best-selling novels by Elizabeth Jane Howard, The Cazalets follows the lives of a large, privileged family transformed by the outbreak of World War II. As storm clouds gather over Europe the family's three generations retreat to their country estate where the trials and tribulations of life play out against the backdrop of war. Births, deaths, marriages, secrets and intrigue test their British restraint and resilience to the limit as both the country and the family are fractured by the horrors of the escalating conflict.

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